Passion project

There is no money for me in doing this, no patreon , no daydream, nor request for it. Its a side project of characters and ideas thats been living in my mind and shared with a few friends over the years. In 2023 i begun a slice of life attempts, meant for social media. Easy block to seperate and share but it did not resonate with anyone and i struggled with the concept. Trying to find the serie’s voice again and again. Changing styles in the attempt.

A soft reboot of a kind, as I’m beginning with Blanche’s arrival in the city. This will be an episode story with short updates done on the weekends.

As for what it is. I aim for cute spooky wholesome modern fantasy. It is a low stress story, as the horrors are common place and not always a threat. Pushing my love for giving a voice to the “other” to a new level, in a world where the fantasy had a chance to progress to the modern age and a peculiar sealed city have become a doorway for other worlds. The dissonance in art styles will be intentional, where the horrors will be drawn more realistically than the simplified main characters.